Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aviation equipment training base of PLA Navy established

Interesting news, consider which aircraft company is located at Shenyang and what type of twin-engined fighter it produces.

Aviation equipment training base of PLA Navy established

(Source: PLA Daily) 2009-09-16

  Under the coordination of the Shenyang-based Military Representative Bureau (MRB) of the Armament Department of the PLA Navy, the Aviation Equipment Training Base of the PLA Navy was inaugurated at a military industry enterprise in Shenyang days ago. This training base is open to naval academies and troop units to take internship and training with aviation equipment.

  With complete technical specialties and rich teaching resources, the Shenyang-based military industry enterprise mainly undertakes the task of development, production, test and type finalizing and maintenance of multiple types of important aviation equipment of the PLA Navy.

  The Shenyang-based MRB of the Armament Department of the PLA Navy fully taps the education resources of the military industry enterprises and is proactive to act as a bridge between the troop units and manufacturers in organizing cadets and soldiers of related specialties to take internship and training in manufacturers. Since 2000, this MRB has successfully helped to bring about such training programs for more than 20 batches with thousands of professionals in naval aviation equipment produced.

  The establishment of the base is conducive to giving better play to the enterprise’ advantages in technology and human resources to provide support for generating battle effectiveness of new equipment in the earliest possible time.

  By Lu Hongzhe and Yu Yang

Editor:Ouyang Dongmei


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That aviation equipment training was very short but very effective. I am grateful to know about it.
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