Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Sino-Russian joint naval escort sets sail

The PLAN is conducting a join escort with the Russian navy in the Gulf of Aden. Seeing the poor condition of the Russian Destroyer must give a great deal of joy to the Chinese fanboys, never mind that the Russian/Soviet navy is still ahead of PLAN in all areas of blue water operations ranging from carrier task force, saturated surface missile strikes and more importantly, nuclear submarine operations. Perhaps, the real lesson to be learned is that a strong and lasting Naval Power is not possible without a strong economy to support it. Thus, the purpose of a navy is not to just show a flag but to protect the international trade everyone is dependent on. In the age of globalization, a strong economy is no longer possible without trade and the navy is the trade protector.

Yup, failure to participate in the global economic game will rust your battleship.

First Sino-Russian joint naval escort sets sail

(Source: PLA Daily) 2009-09-14

   At 17:32 on September 10, local time, the “Setting Sail Ceremony of the Sino-Russian Joint Escort” began, Wang Zhiguo and Rear Admiral Sergei Aliokminski, commanders of the Sino-Russian joint escort taskforce, and 100-plus Chinese escort officers and men and 7 officers from the Russian Navy spoke out the same mind on the flight deck of the “Zhoushan” warship: to safeguard the peace and tranquility of the mission waters in the Gulf of Aden with friendly and cooperative spirit and brave and loyal conviction.

  After the ceremony, the first joint escort of the Sino-Russian naval escort taskforce kicked off formally. At that moment, the “Zhoushan” warship and the “Admiral Tributs” warship, as well as 16 merchant ships escorted by the first Sino-Russian joint escort taskforce, including the “Jiaxin” and the “Zhenhua 14” merchant ships blew the whistle for 60 seconds altogether.

   Soon, the merchant ships formed into two columns and sailed towards the sea area to the east of the Gulf of Aden under the escort of the Chinese and Russian warships on both sides.

  By Zhu Da and Yu Zifu

Editor:Luo Hui


MJ said...

How many nuclear submarine remains in Russian navy active service today? Anyway, at least in conventional submarine operation the PLAN is now ahead of russians now.

MJ said...

If you discount the aircraft carrier, capabilities of surface combat ship wise, China have already catched up, but then again the chinese PLAN doesnt operate far from its coast anyway, the anti piracy operation are thier first blue water operation.

duskylim said...


The Russian warship is an Udaloy-class Anti-submarine destroyer (what the Soviets called a "large anti-submarine escort" - Bolshoi Protivolodochny Korabl), circa 1980's to 1990's, and from all appearances in rather poor condition.

The large streaks of rust all along the hull and the faded paint seems to indicate a failure to keep up even regular maintenance, at least for the the ship's hull.

She has a pair of single 100 mm rapid-fire guns superfiring forwards, and a pair of quadruple launchers for her SS-N-14 anti-submarine missiles.

Still she has gas turbine engines and a good turn of speed, and to quote Jane's - "is well capable of taking care of herself while prosecuting any submarine contact"

Coatepeque said...


Of course....

About 5 years ago, there were great deal of debates (here at CDF and elsewhere) on the merit of importing the Sov class DDG instead of the Udaloy, as the PLAN's greatest deficient was in ASW.

However, as the augment goes, Sovremenny's Anti-carrier capability (SS-n-22) is clearly a political message in response to the aftermath of the 1996 missile test.

Coatepeque said...


Here is the Russian Navy orbat.

* SSBN: 13
o 5 Delta III class submarine(7 in reserve)
o 6(2)Delta IV class submarine(2 in overhaul)(1 converted to special forces)
o 1 refitted Typhoon class submarine
o 1 Borei class submarine(2 more under construction)
* SSGN: 8 Oscar class submarine (2 in reserve)
* SSN: 16
o 3 Sierra class submarine
o 9 Akula class submarine
o 4 Victor class submarine
o 2 Graney class submarine (under construction)
* SSK: 17
o 16 Kilo class submarine
o 1 Lada class submarine (2 more on order)
o 1 Tango class submarine (in overhaul)
* Auxiliary Submarines: 7[2]

[edit] Major surface combatants[3]

* Aircraft Carriers (1) : 1 Admiral Kuznetsov class
* Battlecruisers (4) : 1 Kirov class active, 1 in limbo, may re-enter service in the future. (plus 1 re-entering service 2009, 1 re-entering service 2012)
* Cruisers (5) : 3 Slava class cruiser, 2 Kara class cruiser
* Destroyers (21) : 8 Udaloy class destroyer, 12 Sovremenny class (only 5 are active)[4], 1 Kashin class destroyer
* Frigates (10) : 2 Krivak class frigate I, 5 Krivak class frigate II, 2 Neustrashimy class frigate, 1+1 on order Tartarstan/Gepard class frigate, 1 Novik class training vessel (building) , total of 4 planned?[5]
o 1 built, 20 Gorshkov class frigates are planned for the Navy.[6][7]
* Corvettes (75) : 2 Steregushchy class corvette, 25 Tarantul class corvette, 9 Parchim class corvette, 25 Grisha class corvette, 14 Nanuchka class corvette
o 4 more Steregushchy class corvettes under construction.[8]
o 20 more Steregushchy class corvettes planned

Anonymous said...

The Russian destroyer is 'Admiral Tributs', Udaloy-class, Pacific Fleet. The ship left Vladivostok heading to the Gulf of Aden in June, so it's the end of her 3rd month at sea.

Coatepeque said...

Thanks for that information.

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