Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will the DF-41 be revealed during the parade?

That was the question raised during today’s (9-30-2009) "Focus Today" interview.

You can watch the video online here:

Thanks gordonblade for the CCTV Capture and maddogy4645 for the interview summary

What an interesting interview!

-The guy from navy basically confirms MIRV capability by indicating that JL 2 should carry more warheads than JL 1

-The political officer from 2nd Artillery did not confirm that DF-41 would show up tomorrow, but referred to it alongside DF-31.

-The guy from the airforce imtimated that J-10A and J-10B look practically the same.

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Rick Joe said...

Umm I think the air force guy said the J-11 and J-11B look similar, not the J-10 and J-10B