Friday, May 12, 2023

Brazilian Army is checking out the VT4 tank

 I'm guessing all the cheap Leopard 2 are off the market?

BTW, a while back Norinco did offered the option of equipping 120mm main gun for the VT4, and they should still have plenty of surplus Type 89 SPATG 120mm 50-cal barrels around. The bigger issue will be reconfigure the internal for the large unitary ammo. I would expect the back of the turret will get chop off to install an enlarged autoloader from the VT5/Type 15 lightweight MBT. 

Also, paying for it will not be a problem as Brazil had just agree to trade with China in RMB.

Monday, March 20, 2023

PLN Decommission of the day: One of China Navy's Kilo Class Submarines To Be Turned Into A Museum Ship

 As part of the Zhanjiang Bay Cultural Tourism Base tourist attraction

J-20 the Red-Nosed Fighter

 The story chronicles the experiences of Rudolph, a youthful reindeer buck who possesses an unusual luminous red nose. Mocked and excluded by his peers because of this trait, Rudolph proves himself one Christmas Eve with poor visibility due to inclement weather. After Santa Claus catches sight of Rudolph's nose and asks Rudolph to lead his sleigh for the evening, Rudolph agrees and is finally favored by his fellow reindeer for his heroism and accomplishment. 

A fresh batch of J-20s was seen rolling out of the production line, and if rumors on the Chinese internet are to be believed, this could be the production version of the WS-15 Turbofan-powered variant

Sunday, March 19, 2023

A new Chinese Naval Cable Ship spotted

 This new Northern Cable 770 suggests it is home to the North Sea Fleet.   Photo credit goes to HC_andy 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

PLAN's Cable Ships

Maintaining a secure communication channel with the PLA's remote island garrison is a full time job. Wireless is less expensive but not preferred -- just think of all those EP-3s flying right outside the gate.

Rare photo of the day: Type 051S Luda prototype/testbed

Judging by this extremely rare photo of Type 051S,  the one-off  prototype/test-bed was armed with an early variant of the YJ SSM and a twin HQ-61 surface-to-air missile launch.   The modification concept seemed to be similar to the failed Type 053K air-defence frigate program