Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More Silly Chinese Military Head Gears

At least these are NOT stupid A&E stage props but they do look ghetto nevertheless. --- Timothy Yan

"We're the PLA. You will be assimilated. Your advance capitalist running-dog technologies will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

"I got this cheap webcam and the oversize plastic Wi-Fi headphone for $5 each at Fry's. I think those make me look cool on my helmet. Maybe they will help me get a date with the cute A&E girl below."

Monday, June 27, 2005

NewStar 2002 APC in Chinese Law Enforcement Services

The windowed high-visibility version in white color for the Chinese police service. The windowless high-protection version in camouflage color for the Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP). The PAP is a paramilitary law enforcement force that's a combination of coast guard, border patrol, national marshall service and national park ranger. --- Timothy Yan

For details on the PAP, check out The People's Armed Police article on China Defense.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Chinese "Helmet Mounted Optics"

It's time for a little humors. Yes the picture is real and no that's not an actual standard PLA issue helmet. That's just a stupid stage prop by the Art and Entertainment (A&E) people in the PLA. Just think of them as the art, music, dance and liberal arts majors instead of hanging out in the liberal study departments in typical US universities, in China, they join the PLA A&E troops. They're no real soldiers for sure! The A&E troops is more like crossing between the USO show performers and propaganda cheerleaders. Nothing can beats some moral boosting show with a little political brainwashing! --- Timothy Yan

Typical A&E gals like her in the picture probably doesn't know which end the bullet comes out from a rifle.

For more silly Chinese military images go check out the Stupid PLA PR Thread in our China Defense.com Forum.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chinese UN Peace Keepers in Haiti

It's interesting that they have better equipment than just about any PLA units and they're only policemen. The APC they're sitting on is the NewStar 2002 painted in UN white. The US should buy that for Iraq since the whole vehicle is costing less than just the addon armor kit for Hummer and it's better protected in all sides. --- Timothy Yan

Saturday, June 18, 2005

New Magnified Red Dot Sight for the QBZ95 Rifle Family

The Aimpoint looking design actually had been around for the last few years. The new sight seems to be based on the existing 2.5 magnification submachine gun red dot sight. It was designed to allows its shooter to employs the "Bindon Aiming Concept" or better know as the "both-eyes-opening" aiming method for quick target acquisition. Glyn Bindon was the inventor of this aiming method and also the founder of American weapon optic maker Trijicon Inc. Most of the current Aimpoint and Trijicon red dot optic sights use this quick aiming method. --- Timothy Yan

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Chinese made weapons and body armors in use by the new Iraqi police and troops

The new Type 56-2 assault rifles and body armors must be from the recent 40 million USD orders placed by new Iraqi government for its police and troops. Noticing the brand new Type 56-2 rifles with its short folding stocks and cheap orange colored plastic parts. Can't complaint too much when they only paid around $100 each and got them delivered almost rightaway. --- Timothy Yan

Monday, June 13, 2005

BBQ stands for Bar-Be-Que

If you are confused about Chinese small arms designation, then, join the club. Here is an attempt by chenium

His speculation:

QBZ 95 5.8 mm asault rifle
Q qiang (gun) B buqiang (rifle) Z zidong (automatic)

QJB 95 5.8 mm squad machinegun
Q qiang (gun) J jiqiang (machinegun) B banyong (squad)

QBU 88 5.8 mm sniper rifle
Q qiang (gun) B buqiang (rifle) U (sniper)

QJY 88 5.8 mm GPMG
Q qiang (gun) J jiqiang (machinegun) Y tongyong (general purpose)

QJZ 89 12.7 mm HMG
Q qiang (gun) J jiqiang (machinegun) Z zhong (heavy)

QSZ 92 9mm/5.8mm pistol
Q qiang (gun) S shouqiang (hand gun) Z zidong (autoload)

Photo of the new Chinese 9mm submachine gun

Friday, June 10, 2005

Red Earth

Thanks Redleg for the article and identification

Here is a photo of original 152-mm Krasnopol in service with Nanjing MR, not the latest Krasnopol - M, also note the new artillery radar in the background with Type 56 152mm Howitzer