Friday, September 21, 2018

121st Air-Assault Brigade coming together nicely

New gears, more toys and more realistic drills

Photo credit goes to Andrew KC

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good bye 121st Jungle-Mountain Infantry Brigade, oh hello 121st Air-Assault Brigade (空中突击第121旅) 75th Group Army, Southern Theater Command

Lets change the subject from DPRK to Southern China for a few.   The old 121st Jungle-Mountain Infantry Brigade is no more, it has merged with the old 12th LH (Army Aviation) Regiment to form the new 121st Air-Assault Brigade (空中突击第121旅). 

Air Assault 1st BN is equipped with ATV's (see picture)
Helicopter 4th BN is equipped with Z-19's

Pairing Army Aviation with organic specialized, light infantry units,  I am seeing a trend here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Non-military blog update of the day: Syria to start assembling Chinese automobiles by Nov this year

If Chinese report from Geely is accurate, they are looking at 10,000 sedans by first year.

Mallouk and Partners Trading Company (Mallouk&Co) was established in 1991 in Syria as one of the first importing and exporting companies for cars, spare parts and car’s accessories in Syria, selling, servicing and focusing on all size of vehicles.

The Company imports all of its models from the Chinese cars industrial production, and considered from the first companies that imported the Chinese vehicles to the Middle East.
The Company’s shares are registered in Syria and Jordan, Owned by Mallouk Family powered by a well trained and experienced team in management, sales, maintains and spare parts specialist that were trained interiorly and from the mother companies headquarters to work with international standers.
With the Companies key statements: Values, Analysis and hard work, all that made Mallouk&Co the biggest importing company for several years with more than one hundred thousand sold units.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Communist Propaganda of the day: LG6 40mm automatic grenade for crime prevention neighborhood patrol

Joking aside, readers of this blog should know by now that the People Armed Police is police in name only; they are CMC's second ground force service branch with a combat focus in light infantry warfare.  Not convinced?  Just look at those FTX PR photos below.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

LG6, Norinco's latest man-portable 40mm automatic grenade launcher

This new LG6 fires the standard 40x46mm caliber grenades and has a 300 rounds per minute rate of fire about to a range of 400 meters.

LG6 is light weight, which is 4.8kg without ammo.  Other automatic grenade launchers are heavier thus  requires to be mounted on vehicles or move by weapon crew with biped/tripod before they can be deployed.  Well, not LG6, it is a single-troop portable, fire-support machine -- think of it as the American classic "China-Lake" on steroid.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

PR photos of the day: Blue Smurf In Action

The fifth Type 071 LPD

With all those new Smurf units and heavy equipment coming online, makes you wonder if they are all smurfed-up with nowhere to go.   Need not worry -- the fifth Type 071LPD 980 is commissioning soon with the East Sea Fleet/Central Theater Command to provide extra sea-lift capacity to the PLAN/

LPD 980 "龙虎山/Dragon and Tiger Mountain"  oh what a name!