Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video of the day: Z-9WE in action over Somalia

 As seen in this Kenyan Citizen News video (here)  two Z-9WE of the Kenyan Airforce is participating in operation Linda Nchi hunting the terror network Al-Shabaab

There are a total of four  Z-9WE light attack choppers currently in service with the Kenyan Airforce, first pair delivered in 2010, second pair in 2011.

Of course, with their "Most Honorable Son" in the White House, the Kenyan military action into Somalia will continue to enjoy US technical support. (here)

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Z-9WE Light Attack Helicopter

China Aviation Industry Corporation-owned Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co. Ltd. has revealed that the Z-9WE light attack helicopter is available for export. (here)

The Z-9WE is a militarized variant of the H425 civilian helicopter platform. The H425 was, in turn, developed as a civilian variant of the Z-9 military utility helicopter. The H425 is powered by a pair of Arriel-II turboshaft engines whereas the Z-9 is powered by domestic WZ8C engines.

The two Z-9 attack helicopters recently exported to Kenya are likely the new Z-9WE variant instead of the domestic Z-9WA. (here)

Military, civilian, what's the difference?


Norinco's MBT3000 vs. VT2/MBT-2000gai

Two weeks ago, Norinco displayed its new MBT-3000 at the Eurosatory defence exhibition in Paris for the first time aiming for export orders. This glorified VT2/MBT-2000gai monster has a combat weight of 52 tons, powered by a Chinese turbocharged, water cooled diesel capable of reaching top speed of 67 km per hour. VT2/MBT-2000gai MBT, by comparison, weights only at 42.8 ton with a top speed of 57 km per hour. In some ways, the Norinco’s export MBT program roadmap is mirrored to what the China Army is adoption – a high-low mix, high being the heavier, better equipped Type99 and low being the lighter Type96.

The lighter VT2 was on display at the 13Th Defence Services Asia expo in Kuala Lumpur back in April 2012 but the MBT3000 was not. It could be that the VT2 is a better tailored for the Southeast Asia terrain then the 52 ton MBT3000.


VT2/MBT200gai  (notice the improved armor over the VT1A)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Myanmar Army getting MBT2000 / VT1A?

Recently, the Myanmar Army posted a video of what appears to be a Norinco MBT2000 / VT1A under trial. If they indeed procured the MBT2000, they might face-off with Bangladesh army's MTB2000 in the future. Should be interesting to see.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

44 MBT 2000 to Bangladesh Army

The long rumored deal is now finalized. Thanks to Bangladesh Military Forces Forum for the alert.
Monday, June 27, 2011

Army to get 44 tanks
2 helicopters also on purchase list
Hasan Jahid Tusher

FFG 540 Huainan

The JIANGWEI I class (Type 053H2G) frigate 540 Huainan is completing a major refit at Shenjia Navy Yard (No. 4805) in Shanghai, the East Sea Fleet’s main repair yard. The 100 mm twin turret has been replaced by a “stealthy” new Type 99 twin turret. The missile canisters for the obsolete HHQ-61A air defence missiles have been removed, but will probably be reinstalled, as the launcher itself remains in place.

The sister ship 542 Tongling underwent a similar modernisation a couple of years ago and also retained the HHQ-61A SAM’s, as well as six YJ82 SSM’s.

FFG 540 was transferred from 15 Frigate Squadron at Dinghai to 8 Frigate Squadron at Shanghai early 2011 in company with sistership 539 Anqing, after having been replaced in 15 Squadron by JIANGKAI II class (Type 054A) 548 Yiyang and 549 Changzhou. 541 Huaibei and 542 remain in 15 Squadron, as their replacements, JIANGKAI II 531 and 532 will not arrive until 2013/14.

Bangladesh has reportedly bought two of the JIANGWEI I class frigates, believed to be 541 and 542. It is not known which configuration will want for her ships, but it seems most unlikely that they would want to keep the obsolete HHQ-61A.

-- Franco-russe

Photo taken yesterday

Back in Nov 2011

Original configuration 

Friday, June 29, 2012

LD 2000 Land Shield 30mm anti PGM in HongKong

In a June 22nd interview with HongKong’s WenWei Po Daily, Lt General Zhang Shibo revealed that the HongKong’s garrison Infantry brigade is scheduled to expand its motorized infantry battalion to include a SpOps battalion, an air-defense battalion, an armor battalion, and an engineering battalion to form a new battalion-battle group gearing for combined arms operations.

Sure and begorrah, a bunch of brand new HQ-6A SAM and LD 2000 Land Shield 30mm anti PGM systems are now on parade for a stranger from Beijing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

LD-2000 Land-Based Close-in Weapons System

After failing to secure any orders from the MiddleEast,  Norinco has managed to sale a few copies of the LD2000 Land Based CIWS to the PLA.    Not sure how widespread this land based Type 730 will enjoy in the PLA service.

Like the land-based version of the naval CIWS Type-730, the LD-2000 combines a seven barreled 30mm Gatling gun with 6 TY-90 SAMs. The system is likely to have a similar overall capability to the US C-RAM but with extended range, thanks to the 6km reach of the TY-90s. However, rather than just anti-mortar defense the LD-2000 is more likely employed for point defense of key installations and facilities from cruise missiles, PGMs and fast jets at low altitude.

According to Norinco, LD2000 can engage cruise missiles with an RCS of 0.1 m2, up to a maximum speed of M2.0. The system is also claimed to have a multiple-target engagement capability and be able to operate in an electronic counter counter-measure environment.

 Nice dog house, I like it.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

United Arab Emirates, China, India and a plane load of “weapons”

It was reported on September 5th 2009, that a China-bound UAE air force C-130 Hercules was detained at India’s Kolkata airport after the discovery of arms and explosives during a routine refuel stop. (here)

After being detained for 72 hours the C-130 and its 9 crew members were released and on their way to their original destination of Xiangyang China after the UAE government issued an apology; blaming the omission in the cargo declaration on a technical error. (here) Since the cargo was sealed during the episode, speculation concerning the content was abound, ranging from illegal US Harpoons, (here) to US Maverick or French MICA missiles to Pakistan. (here) (here) In other words, people were just guessing.

Back in June 2009, Norinco’s Kunlung Company shipped an entire LD-2000 air-defense system to UAE via a rented Russian An-124 for evaluation (here) . After 22 days, the evaluation was considered a success, with a final live-fire demo in front of the PLA’s defense attaché and other high ranking UAE officers.

While the detained UAE C-130 may not contain the returning LD-2000, it must be noted that like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the UAE has an active military exchange program with China, a fact missed by many pundits. In that light, it should not be a surprise to see military equipment in transit to China from UAE. Maybe next time someone will double check the paperwork and train the crew in simultaneous winking when embarking on such clandestine operations.

UAE C-130 Hercules at Kolkata airport

(Drawing courtesy of Planeman)

Photo of the LD-2000 under eval in UAE.

Photos of LD-2000 in China.

Bad day for hijackers -- photos taken at the airplane

According to the news in Chinese, there were 20 off-duty cops on that plane.

'Hijack attempt foiled' in China's Xinjiang

Crew and passengers foiled a hijack attempt by six people on a plane in the restive Xinjiang region, Chinese state media and an official say.
The Tianjin Airlines plane had just taken off from Hotan and was bound for Urumqi when the incident occurred.

It returned to the airport and the suspects were detained, a statement on the region's official news portal said.

A spokeswoman for the Xinjiang regional government said the hijackers were men from the Uighur minority group.

Hou Hanmin told the BBC that the group tried to break into the cockpit using a broken crutch as a weapon but were overpowered by passengers and crew.

At least seven passengers and crew were injured, she said.

No details were available on the alleged hijackers' motives or identities, she added, and police were "still investigating" whether they had any other weapons.

Almost half of Xinjiang's residents are Uighurs, a Muslim minority group with cultural and ethnic links to Central Asia.

Uighur allegations of discrimination and marginalisation have been behind anti-Han Chinese and separatist sentiment in the restive region since the 1990s.

In 2009, riots erupted in Xinjiang in which nearly 200 people died after tensions flared between the Uighur and Han Chinese communities.

Since then, there have been sporadic attacks and clashes, including an attack on a Hotan police station in July 2011 that left several people dead.


No.1 Detachment of the Sichuan PAP Contingent, one of China's anti-hijack units

Photo of the day: Sichuan anti-terror detachment training in Israel

Until today I have no idea that there are active exchange programs in place for dealing with "certain groups" between those two nations.

Another case of politics makes strange bedfellows?

No.1 Detachment of the Sichuan PAP Contingent back home