Thursday, November 30, 2017

J-11B at Yongxing Island, South China Sea.

China showcases jet fighters at South China Sea island

Source: Global Times
Editor: Huang Panyue
Time: 2017-12-01

The official Chinese media's broadcast of Chinese J-11B fighters entering a sealed hangar in the Xisha Islands showcases China's improving air and sea control of the South China Sea, a Chinese military expert said.

Footage aired by China Central Television (CCTV) on Wednesday for the first time confirmed deployment of the fighter aircraft in a hangar on Yongxing Island.

The footage was broadcast in a CCTV report on People's Liberation Army Air Force drills to improve its nautical combat capability.

Yongxing Island, the largest of the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, is also the seat of the Sansha city government of South China's Hainan Province.

With a 3-kilometer runway, the airport in Yongxing Island is an important dual-use airport in the South China Sea area, the CCTV report said.

The thermostabilized hangar boosts the jet fighters' durability and resistance to the island's humidity and high temperatures.

More importantly, the special hangar helps to realize regular deployment of fighter jets in the Xisha Islands, TV commentator Song Zhongping told the Global Times on Thursday.
"Other islands in China could also use such aircraft hangars and China's overall control of air and sea in the South China Sea would be greatly improved as well," Song said.

China will enhance its capability to safeguard its legal rights in the South China Sea through military and legal enforcement channels, Song noted. "Legal enforcement channel" means Chinese fighters intercepting foreign aircraft flying over the South China Sea, he said.

Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets intercepted a US Navy surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea in May, CNN news website reported.

China's Ministry of National Defense later said that the fighters were sent to identify the US warship, warn and expel it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Photos of the day: Fuel stop at Yong Xing Island, South China Sea

With three external fuel tanks, it seems that the JH-7 fighter-bomber has the range to reach out to Yong Xing Island.

Just in case you're wondering, they are from the 31st Regiment, 11th PLAAF Air Division, Shenyang Military Region.   Shanyang Military is bordered by North Korea.  Perhaps they are vacation, wanting some sun and sand!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Photos of the day: Yong Xing Island, South China Sea, Vacation spot.

Wifi included.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photos of the Yong Xing Island

YongXiang island 永兴岛 (woody island) is the main island of the Xisha islands (Paracel islands) in the South China Sea. It is approximately 2.1 square kilometers in size.

It is home to the PLAN Marine Xisha Island Garrison (battalion size) and a civilian emergency rescue center. It has an artificial harbor that can accommodate ships up to 5000 tone and a modern 2350 meters runway that can support a Boeing 737 class transport.

It has no fresh water source, so a water slide park is out of the question.

HI-res photos of the day: "Red Sword-2017" confrontation training exercise

Multi-types of Chinese aircraft taxi on the runway before takeoff during the "Red Sword-2017" systemic confrontation training exercise held by the Chinese PLA Air Force in deep desert in late November, 2017. The "Red Sword-2017", involving various arms of services from the PLA Air Force, such as aviation, ground-to-air missile, radar, electronic countermeasure troops, aimed to beef up the PLA Air Force's systematic combat capabilities. It is one of the four key training brands of the PLA Air Force, along with the "Golden Dart", "Golden Helmet" and "Blue Shield". ( by Fan Yishu)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hi-res photos of the day: PLA Marine live fire exercise in Djibouti

Seriously dude, change that "blue smurf" uniform. It is no longer funny.

By ZHAO LEI and ZHOU JIN | China Daily | Updated: 2017-11-25 07:19
The Djibouti Logistics Support Base of the People's Liberation Army conducted a live-fire exercise on Thursday with its heavy-duty weapons, according to the Chinese military.

Several wheeled tank destroyers and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles from the base in the Horn of Africa took part in the exercise at a local shooting range and fired dozens of shells, according to a news release published late Friday by the PLA Navy, which administers the logistics support base.
Infantry practiced assault maneuvers with the armored vehicles, it said. It quoted Senior Captain Liang Yang, commander of the base, as saying that the move was intended to verify the combat capability of troops and their weapons and to improve their adaptability in the local environment.
The PLA established its Djibouti Logistics Support Base, the first of its kind for the Chinese military, on July 11 and put it into formal operation on Aug 1.

Located in Djibouti City, the African nation's capital, the base will support the Chinese military's naval escort, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in Africa and western Asia, the Navy said. It will also help China improve its capabilities in international military cooperation, joint exercises, emergency evacuations and overseas rescue.

It will enable the nation to better guard the safety of international strategic maritime passages with other countries, it said.

President Xi Jinping, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, had a teleconference with troops at the Djibouti base this month during an inspection of the CMC Joint Command Headquarters in Beijing. Xi told them to gain a good reputation for Chinese soldiers and to contribute to regional peace and stability.

On Friday, Premier Li Keqiang met with Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh in Beijing. Calling Djibouti a major partner in East Africa, Li said China is willing to work with the nation to make use of each other's advantages to foster economic cooperation and to build a regional hub of trade and logistics.