Friday, September 30, 2022

Type 81 SR, a SVD-ish rifle shows up in the Canadian Market


They should have used the SVD looking furniture instead of PSL furniture. Also, should have based on the long action version of the Type 81 so it could chamber it in 7.62x51 NATO or 7.62x54R.

Introducing the all-new Type 81 SR, exclusively from Tactical Imports. Developed to enhance the capability of the Type 81 platform, the SR features a number of changes over the legacy Type 81 including:

• Heavy profile barrel for increased accuracy
• Thumbhole Stock with reversible cheekrest for LH shooters
• Flat bottom extended handguard for more stability when shooting from rested surfaces
• 5 Round waffle-pattern magazine for bench and prone shooting capability
• Threaded muzzle for attachment of optional accessories
• Adjustable Trigger stop screw for added precision
• Lightened Trigger pull weight for added precision