Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photos of the day: Shanghai Pudong then and now.

Cruiser Dmitry Pozharsky of the Pacific Fleet, Soviet Navy at Pudong June 1956.

Cruiser Varyag of the same, May 2014

Chinese, Russian warships return to Shanghai from joint drill
(Xinhua)    09:16, May 26, 2014
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SHANGHAI, May 25 -- All warships participating in the China-Russia joint naval drill returned to a Shanghai port Sunday.

The Chinese and Russian navies on Saturday concluded real combat drill on the East China Sea, with real weapons being used.

A total of 14 warships, two submarines, nine airplanes and six helicopters from both sides took part in the three-day drill named "Joint Sea-2014".

Tian Zhong, deputy commander of the Chinese Navy and the Chinese director of the "Joint Sea-2014", told reporters in Shanghai that the drill fulfilled its goals.

Chinese and Russian navies improved their cooperation in planning, organizing and operating combat missions, Tian said.

In the drill, the two navies carried out diversified missions and deployed various monitoring and communication technologies while their personnel, from seamen to officers, interacted fully, he said.

"Holding joint drills will be the most important, regular and systematic way of cooperation between the two navies," he said.

As two major countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China and Russia have common interests and shared responsibilities to maintain peace and stability in the region, Tian said.

"Building of comprehensive relations of strategic cooperation and partnership between China and Russia and their armed forces will help the two countries cope with new threats and challenges, develop concrete cooperation between their navies and jointly maintain and promote peace and stability in the region," he said.

The two countries have a new type of relationship between major players, instead of military allies, he said, adding that their cooperation does not target a third country.

Fedotenkov, deputy commander of Russian Navy and Russian director of the drill, told reporters that in the drill Chinese and Russian navies learned from each other and improved their capacity of carrying out joint military missions.

"The two navies conducted the joint drill under complex circumstances and fulfilled the set targets," he said. "Despite complicated environment and harassment from a third country, we completed all missions."

Russian and Chinese fleets should take the peacekeeping responsibilities not only in the Asia-Pacific but also a broader area of the world, he said.

Besides the Pacific Fleet that took part in this drill, Russia would like to include its Black See Fleet and Baltic Fleet in future cooperation with Chinese navy, he said.

Commanders of the two navies will hold discussions on the drill on Monday, while China's Zhengzhou missile destroyer and Russia's Varyag missile cruiser will be open to citizens in Shanghai for visit on the same day.
(Editor:Wang Xin、Yan Meng)

China Coast Guard's Type 072-class landing ship.

Not sure how many Coast Guards could boost their own amphibious asset but the China Coast Guard certainly does -- it now commands an old Type072 Landing Ship, Tank from the PLAN and calls it  "Tow 25".

On a related note:  Cutter 2306 launched in Wuhan.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Old Type81 never dies

Our friend Hongjian's dream comes true: 

Type 81 Evolved Battle Rifle CS/RL14!   Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. Alternative variant includes a traditional 7.62x39 chambered version.

Looks like a combination of the SCAR, QBZ-03 and AK-12.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tanzania shows off its Norinco gears.

Three years ago Tanzania showed off its Norinco Type59G MBT during its 47th Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar parade, this year's 50th anniversary parade has more Norinco goodies in store for us. 

A-100 300mm MRL

120mm Auto mortar

Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo of the day: Type59G in Tanzania

Speaking of ERA blocks.....could this be the ultimate edition of the old T54/55 family?

Thanks Imp for the photo.

Bangladesh Army also ordered 300.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bangladesh Army's New Type59G MBT

According to our friend, the Bangladesh Military Forum, (http://www.bdmilitary.com), the first public appearance of the long-expected Type 59G was reported by today's Channel-i news.

In essence, this latest Type59MBT variant is a Type 96G in a Type59 body modified to carry a 125mm main gun, a modern fire control system, and the latest Chinese armor protection package. A total of 300 examples of the Type59G will be rebuilt from the existing fleet.  In addition to the Type59G rebuild program, the Bangladesh army will procure the Type96 MBT in due course as part of a greater modernization drive.  Since both MBTs are sharing many common components, this will greatly reduce the load on the existing logistics infrastructure.

Here is a list of Chinese land forces hardware to be procured by the Bangladesh Army compiled by BMF.

* 7 x Type 96 MBTs (Not delivered yet, but eventually a couple of regiments)
* 5 x MBT ARV (Chinese, for MBT2000/Type 96 recovery)
* 300 x Type 59 MBT Upgrade (1 spotted at Dhaka; Army named them as "Type 59 G")
* 1 x SPH Regt (Chinese 122 or 155 mm SPH is expected)
* 1 x ADA Regiment (This complements another air defence regiment in BDA. Regiment is equivalent of brigade; Equipped with Chinese AAGs and MANPADS).


Profile for new Type 59G MBT at bdmilitary.com created with input from armoured corps officer, photo analysis and Chinese defense websites:


Including a couple of pictures, which might be interesting reference material.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There is a full squadron at Rafiqui AB for Shaheen III

Thanks RAJ47 for this update.

Chinese contingent arrives in Pakistan for joint air drill

(Source: Xinhua)   2014-05-05

  ISLAMABAD, May 5 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese air force contingent arrived in Pakistan on Monday for a joint drill.

  The drill, code-named "Shaheen (Eagle)-3," will be held at the Rafiqui air base in the northeastern province of Punjab.

  The joint training, part of the exchange and cooperation programs between the two air forces, is expected to strengthen the friendly and cooperative relationship, the Chinese Defense Ministry said in a statement.

  The first such drill was held in Pakistan in March 2011, and the second in China's western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region last August.

Editor:Dong Zhaohui

Friday, May 02, 2014

Photos of the day: Magic lantern at Wuhan

New Integrated Mast spotted.

Monday, April 07, 2014

New Chinese Cruiser: Updated Pics from Wuhan

Yesterday we announced our identification of a new mockup at Wuhan as the first hard evidence of the design of China's new large surface combat ship.  In what has become the normal sequence for China watching as of late, the first distant hazy photos were rapidly followed by a string of ever closer and clearer images.

New cruiser mockup at right, existing CV mockup at left.

Clear side profile, note the bow and hangar deck are not constructed.

Extrapolated profile view (courtesy CDF member "Hongjian")

This contents of this unusual extended superstructure are hotly debated.

Closeup boasting an exceptionally large bridge deck.
CDF members surmise this aft superstructure to be a hangar and possible pedestal for an L-Band radar. 
The mockup of the CV LIAONING was built at Wuhan in late 2009, and the actual ship entered the fleet in 2012. Using this same timeline we might expect the keel of the new cruiser to be laid in 2015 with a 2017 commission date.
Revised dimensions (courtesy CDF member "Totoro").

We will continue to watch the developments at Wuhan.  Join us in the CDF Forum to discuss this and other Chinese military topics.