Saturday, August 29, 2015

Z-10 Attach Helicopter, full loaded.

Note the pair inside pylons can house either multi-barrel unguided rocket pods or a pair of external fuel tanks.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yes, a three months long naval drill

PLA to conduct 3-month training in waters of Yancheng

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-08-25

This picture shows a screenshot of the related no-sail ban notice published in the official website of the Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

  BEIJING, August 25 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese PLA will conduct live-fire shooting training in the waters from the old Yellow River estuary to the east of Sheyang River estuary near Yancheng, east China's Jiangsu Province from 06:30 to 22:00 of August 28 to November 30, 2015, according to the official website of the Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

  During the above-mentioned period of time, no vessel is allowed to enter the designated maritime areas. All vessels should sail far away from the shooting area to ensure safety.

  The following are the coordination points for the lines drawn to demarcate the related prohibited waters:

  A、34°16'30"N 120°17'00"E;

  B、34°16'30"N 120°30'00"E;

  C、34°03'30"N 120°37'30"E;

  D、33°51'00"N 120°34'00"E;

  E、33°51'00"N 120°28'30"E。

Navy tests armaments in East China Sea

Navy tests armaments in East China Sea

(Source: Xinhua)   2015-08-27

        ABOARD ZHENGZHOU, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese navy conducted a live fire drill in the East China Sea on Thursday.

        The exercise involved more than 100 warships, dozens of aircraft and several missile launch battalions, navy sources said.

        It was the third drill on such a large scale in two months. The previous two were conducted in the Yellow Sea and South China Sea.

        They are regular drills in the navy's annual training plan, the sources said.

        Nearly 100 missiles and several hundred shells and bombs were fired during the exercise.

        The majority of navy forces in the drill were from the Donghai Fleet. The Beihai and Nanhai Fleets as well as the Air Force also took part.

        The drill tested coordination among the Navy's different forces and Air Force, the sources said. Destroyers, frigates, submarines, fighters and onshore support forces were all put through their paces.

        A number of the missiles deployed in the drill will be displayed during the Sept. 3 military parade in Beijing, according to the sources.

Editor:Dong Zhaohui

China to Hold Drills With Malaysia in Malacca Strait

 China to Hold Drills With Malaysia in Malacca Strait

August 27, 2015 12:15 PM

China will hold joint military drills next month with Malaysia in the strategic Strait of Malacca, and also will hold training exercises with Australia and the United States in Australia, China's Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

China's rapidly modernizing armed forces have been increasing their global reach and carrying out exercises in ever more distant locations, as the government seeks to protect its interests around the world.

But China has jangled nerves, especially in its territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas, with its growing aggressiveness.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said the Malacca Strait drill would involve 1,160 Chinese personnel, two Chinese warships, helicopters and transport aircraft.

It would focus on disaster relief, search and rescue, and hijack rescue, he said.

Piracy is a problem in the strait, between Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia's Sumatra island, through which most of China's crude oil imports pass from the Middle East and Africa.

Malaysia's image in China was battered after the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines flight with 239 people on board, most of them Chinese nationals, last year. Malaysia's response to that disaster came under fire in China from the
public and state media.

Separately, Yang said China would take part in survival training and activities like canoeing and mountaineering in Australia with Australian and U.S. forces.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Photos of the day: Sino-Russia amphibious drill off Peter the Great Gulf

Russia, China to exercise water-free joint landing operation

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-08-24

  BEIJING, August 24 (ChinaMil) – The Russia-China maritime joint military exercise was unveiled on August 20, 2015. In addition to the ongoing maritime fleet confrontation exercise, the biggest highlight of this exercise is the joint amphibious landing drill as well as the fire support and long-range raid drill of China’s fixed wing warplanes and airborne early warning aircraft at targets in the Sea of Japan across the border.

  The joint amphibious landing drill will be jointly held by Russia and China featuring the water-free landing operation. Namely, by using minesweepers to open sea lanes, the first batch of landing troops of the two militaries will be landed on the beach by amphibious vessels. Then, the tank landing ships will offload tanks, infantries and their equipment onto the beach and help the landing troops to launch the second wave of attacks on the beach fortifications. During the amphibious landing operation, the Russian Marine Corps will also perform such training subjects as fast-roping, sky-diving and fire support from helicopters.

  The air force of the PLA Shenyang Military Area Command (MAC) will dispatch four “Leopard” fighter bombers and one airborne early warning aircraft from the Yanbian Airport of China to attack the sea targets at the Bay of Peter the Great in the Sea of Japan.

  Air Force Major General Wang Wei, deputy commander of the air force of the PLA Shenyang MAC, has directed the four “Leopard” fighter bombers to fly into the Russian territory from China's Yanbian Airport and conduct trial flights along the air routes over the exercise area under the guidance of Russian radars on August 21, 2015.

Editor:Zhang Tao

Monday, August 24, 2015

Photos of the day: Fuel stop at Yong Xing Island, South China Sea

With three external fuel tanks, it seems that the JH-7 fighter-bomber has the range to reach out to Yong Xing Island.

Just in case you're wondering, they are from the 32nd Regiment, 11th PLAAF Air Division, Shenyang Military Region.   Shanyang Military is bordered by North Korea.  Perhaps they are vacation, wanting some sun and sand!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Photos of the day: Yong Xing Island, South China Sea, Vacation spot.

Wifi included.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photos of the Yong Xing Island

YongXiang island 永兴岛 (woody island) is the main island of the Xisha islands (Paracel islands) in the South China Sea. It is approximately 2.1 square kilometers in size.

It is home to the PLAN Marine Xisha Island Garrison (battalion size) and a civilian emergency rescue center. It has an artificial harbor that can accommodate ships up to 5000 tone and a modern 2350 meters runway that can support a Boeing 737 class transport.

It has no fresh water source, so a water slide park is out of the question.