Friday, April 24, 2015

Photos of the day: J-15 pilot training in the Bohai Bay

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Photo of the day: Serial J-15's spotted on the Liaoning for the first time

Thanks Deino and Hongjian for this update.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Development of PLA's battlefield rations

Development of PLA's battlefield rations

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-04-10


  The prototype of the military rations of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) appeared in the period of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea (1950 – 1953).

  During the war, the officers and soldiers of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) mainly ate simple solid foods including fried rice, parched flour and fried bean.

  After that, the logistic supply departments produced a batch of compressed biscuits so as to provide better food support for CPV's tactical operations, forming the earliest prototype of the PLA's standard military rations.

  The PLA's first-generation military rations in the real sense appeared in 1970s.

  At that time, the military rations consisted of three staple foods, namely the No. 761 compressed solid food, dehydrated steamed rice and dehydrated noodle, and three auxiliary foods, namely three kinds of canned foods.

  The No. 761 compressed solid food was the PLA's first-generation standard personal combat rations. And the PLA soldiers depended on the 761 compressed solid food for energy supplement during a self-defense war in 1979.

  In 1980s, the PLA's second-generation military rations began to appear, namely using the No. 90 compressed solid food to replace the No. 761 compressed solid food.

  In addition, the complete-set foods also appeared to make up for the deficiency of the compressed biscuit.

  During the Battle of LaoShan in the self-defense war in 1979, a kind of soft-package food, which was especially made for the PLA troops patrolling along the plateau borders in China, was provided for the scouting forces.

  This kind of soft-package food contained three kinds of foods in its plastic bag, namely a bag of meat, vegetable and rice, a bag of compressed solid food and a bag of pear in syrup, and the meat, vegetable and rice can be heated in boiling water before eating.
File Photo

  Since 1990s, the PLA logistic supply departments improved the first and second generation military rations.

  In addition to the personal combat rations, collective food was also developed for a squad or an element.

  Besides the simple compressed biscuits together with cans and hot pickled mustard tuber, the self-heating food, namely food equipped with a heater, also appeared in the PLA's food menu.

  If water was available, the sealed rice and noodles could be heated, marking that the age of PLA's individual combat rations with only compressed biscuits had gone.

  Currently, the PLA have formed four main categories of military rations, namely field operation food, long voyage food, lifesaving food and general food.

  The field operation food is the so-called field ration. After the No. 90 compressed solid food, the No. 05 and No. 09 single solder instant foods were successively developed for PLA troops in the 21st century, which contain some additives according to different taste requirements.

  The long voyage food is classified into long flight food for air-force personnel and long ocean navigation food for naval personnel on surface warships and in submarines.

  The long flight food is for pilots with a long flight time (over three hours). The most prominent features of the long flight food for pilots are that it can be conveniently and quickly prepared and eaten by pilots with only one hand, and the sealed water bag with a straw for pilots' water drinking is adopted to avoid affecting pilots' flying.

  During the long ocean navigation, the naval members are apt to suffering serious illnesses including night blindness and sepsis if they cannot get vitamins supplement from vegetables in time. Therefore, the most important thing for long ocean navigation is to meet the military members' nutrition balance requirement.

  The lifesaving food is mainly used by soldiers waiting for rescuing when in danger, which is mainly distributed to flight personnel and warship personnel. The lifesaving food features high concentration, light weight, high calories and tight package.

  The general food is the strategic supply for troops in the period of supply difficulty. A large quantity of military cans and dehydrated vegetables belong to this category.

  In addition, there are anti-radiation food for missile troops and nuclear submarine troops, and plateau anti-hypoxia food.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Global warming?? I guess they won't be needing a replacement icebreaker anytime soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

IceBreaker 722 decommissioned.

The PLAN decommissioned its Yanha class icebreaker 722 this month after 44 years of service.

This small PLAN icebreaker is no Soviet style mammoth capable cutting through the thick of frozen Arctic layers -- The PLAN used the Yanha class mainly to push away icy waters of the Bohai Sea.    With the previous transfer of 722's sister ship 723 to the China Coast Guard in Dec 20th, 2012, this leaves the PLAN with no ice-breaking asset under it's command.

No worries, there are plenty of  One-Liners to break-the-ice at a blind date, such as this one "There are three kinds of people: Those who can count and those who can't. "

Sunday, April 05, 2015

black and white photos of the day: After burn

PR Photos of the day: 10 hours marching in the rain

Creature of habit -  the PLAAF airborne still consider themselves as a "foot mobility" outfit therefore it is only natural for them to release  "thousand-man march" PR photos

ZBL09/VN1 Vehicle Launched Bridge variant unveiled

Enabling PLA's own "stryker" brigades to enjoy organic engineering support.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The first ZBL-09 Assault gun equipped unit unveiled

It is the 162nd light-mech infantry division, 54th Group Army, Jinan MR.  There is no need for "Drumroll, Please" as the 162nd already operates other ZBL-09 variants.  

It is interesting to note that this PLA daily is calling  ZBL-09 Assault gun  a "wheeled light tank"

中国军网记者频道济南(王卫东 武今鹏):今年3月初,某新型轮式坦克正式列装济南军区某装甲团,盼新装备盼红了眼的全团官兵,像喜迎新娘一样激动不已。
说完,张鹏带领第一组乘员起步、登车,利利索索地钻进坦克,按照前段时间培训中掌握的程序,打开电源,初始化数据库……战士们瞪大眼等着给班长们鼓 掌,可坦克里的张鹏却憋得满脸通红:一番鼓捣,愣是联不通上级指挥中枢,本车其他3名成员也丁是丁,卯是卯,根本联不到一块……
炮兵营四级军士长王虎,带着全班钻进某新型自行火炮操作室,每个人都傻了眼:新型火炮操作平台上,密密麻麻的按钮就有20多个,以前学的一些基本常 识在大脑里成了一团浆糊。炮长的专业变得更复杂,训练内容由过去的3个,变为现在5大专业涉及十几个学科内容。第一次训练,王虎带着全班对照说明书,小心 翼翼地一个按钮一个按钮碰,一个流程一个流程试。
新装备配备的信息显控平台、火控计算机,能把风速、气温、药温等几十个影响精度的因素瞬间完成精准计算。过去,大家比的是哪门炮、哪辆车射击准备中 最先占领阵地,计算修正量最精确等等,如今,拼的是信息共享、数据互通以及车内人与人、单车与单车、单车与整个指挥中枢之间的协同……
(王卫东 武今鹏 王世鹏 李连军)

Friday, July 29, 2011

ZBL-09 Assault gun variant unveiled.

Perhaps this latest unveiling would add more credence to the rumor of PLA's own Stryker Brigade, perhaps not. At any rate, it is no secret that the PLA high command is a huge fan of FM 3-0 and don't be surprise to see a more "full spectrum" focused than pure firepower approach to war fighting down the road  

SAT-Comm variant

Sunday, May 15, 2011

PLA's ZBL09 IFV (VN1 Export) 8x8 family

The rate it is going, they might have their own Stryker Combat Brigade soon.

Photo taken from the 2009 October 1st Military Parade

Engineering variant

122mm howitzer variant

120mm mortar variant

Recon variant
Command variant