Sunday, August 04, 2019

Photos of the day: Yak Patrol

Xinjiang, home to PLA's only Yak unit.

PLAAF Unit of the day: 72nd Brigade (J-10C), Central Theater Command Air Force HQ

The Chinese capture reads: The entire unit has been upgraded with J-10C fighter

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Photos of the day: 131st Aviation Brigade "J-10C" Southern Theater Command Air Force HQ

The first batch of J-10C are found in this line unit.   This unit has one bird, and one bird only, J-10C

Saturday, August 03, 2019

High res photo of the day: ZTQ15 105mm Light Tank field field maintenance

PR photos of the day: Shanghai PAP SpOps Daidu.

Funny, Shanghai is not famous for its jungle settings.  Then again, the Chinese PAP is not your neighborhood beat police officer either.

Monday, January 22, 2018

PR photos of the day: PAP, China's other ground force.

It would be unwise to ignore such an important element in any China related war scenario, especally they are now part of the CMC just like their Army counterpart.

From SCMP (here)

China brings People’s Armed Police under control of top military chiefs.  Paramilitary force will answer to body headed by President Xi Jinping

China will bring its paramilitary police force, the People’s Armed Police, under the direct control of the Central Military Commission, which controls the country’s armed forces, state media reported on Wednesday.

The 1.5 million-strong paramilitary police force previously came under a dual command structure of the CMC and the State Council, or cabinet, via the Ministry of Public Security. It serves as a backup for the military in times of war, and domestically has a role in putting down protests and counterterrorism – particularly in areas such as the restive far western Xinjiang region – as well as border defence and firefighting.

PLA unit of the day:181st Combined-Arms Brigade, 77th Group Army, Western Threater Command

A new Chinese all-wheel "Stryker Brigade" is coming into beinging.  Again, all photos and credits go to Andrew KC.

7th Air Defense Battalion with HQ-7B point-defense SAM

1st Battalion (1xxx)

 2nd Battalion (2xxx)

 3rd Battalion (3xxx)

 4th Battalion (4xxx)

 6th Artillery Battalion (6xxx)