Saturday, June 15, 2019

PLA unit of the day: 14th Combined-Arms Brigade, 73rd Group Army, Eastern Theater Command

Photos of its 3rd Combined-Arms Battalion doing little summer swim.

Noted its new unit serial number of 3413 (4th company, 3rd battalion)  and 3311 (3rd company, 3rd battalion)

An amphibious armored assault vehicle (AAAV) attached to an amphibious combined brigade with the PLA 73rd Group Army fires its machine gun at mock sea targets during the live-fire maritime amphibious assault training in waters of the East China Sea on June 13, 2019. ( by Zhang Teng)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

PLA orbat update, ex31st Group Army / 73rd Group Army

Again, credit goes to Andrew KC, both photos and updates.

31st Group Army73rd Group Army3rd Combined-Arms Brigade

14th Combined-Arms Brigade

86th Combined-Arms Brigade

91st Combined-Arms Brigade

92nd Combined-Arms Brigade

163th Combined-Arms Brigade

73rd Air-Defense Brigade

73rd Artillery Brigade

The 86th Motorized Division of the former 31st GA has been re-organized into two brigades.  One of the brigades here is the 86th Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第86旅) of the 73rd GA, and most of its assets came from the armored regiment of the former 86th Division.   So far the Armored Infantry Battalion's ZBD04's from the former 91st Motorized Division have been consolidated into this new brigade.

 The new 86th Combined-Arms Brigade on the move

 The former 3rd Motorized Infantry Brigade of the former 1st GA is now subordinate to the newly formed 73rd GA.  It is now called the 3rd Combined Arms Brigade (合成第3旅).

The 91st Motorized Infantry Division of the former 31st GA is now the 91st Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第91旅) of the 73rd GA.  The unit is taking on amphibious role with hand-me-down Type 63A amphibious light tanks.  91st's four Combined-Arms Battalions (合成1,2,3,4营) are equipped with  2 companies of Type 63A each.

 91st Combined-Arms Brigade

 91st Combined-Arms Brigade
14th Combined-Arms Brigade 合成第14旅 was the 14th Amphibious Armored Brigade, 31GA, Nanjing MR at Zhangzhou

 14th Amphibious Armored Brigade

The AD Brigade of the former 31st GA is now the 73rd Air-Defense Brigade (防空第73旅) of the 73rd GA

 HQ-16 SAM
 The Artillery Brigade of the former 31st GA is now the 73rd Artillery Brigade (炮兵第73旅) of the 73rd GA.

73rd Artillery Brigade's two AFT-09 long-range ATGM battalions. 

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Galley of the PLAN Naval Aviator

Communist propaganda of the day: military art

PLA Unit of the day: 204th Combined-Arms Brigade, 78th GA, Northern Theater Command

The 204th evolved from the former 4th Tank/Armored Division of the 16th GA, Shenyang Military Region. 

The 4th Tank Division was founded in 1969 amid the Sino-Soviet Border Conflict.  The division was stuck with the vintage T-34/85 tanks until 1980.  During 1980-1982 ZTZ-59/59A's finally replaced T-34/85's.  In around 2015 the 4th Armored Brigade received ZTZ99's, and in 2019 ZTZ99A's arrived

--Andrew KC