Friday, May 08, 2020

PLAAF finally adopted the domestic/improved version of the VN3/QL550 wheeled armored vehicle into airborne service

With increasing number of better airlifters (Y-9. Y-20) entering service with the PLAAF 15th Airborne.  They can now able to offer better armor protection for their  troops.  Protection against 7.62mm is better than nothing, I suppose.

Photo from 2008, noted the earlier variant had only two front-doors 

Magazine scan form Dec 2007

 Photo source (link)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Photos of the day: airborne infantry regiment, 43rd airborne Division, PLAAF.

Showing off their new  CS/VP4 8x8 ATV on parade ground

Tech details from the 2012 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo on CS/VP4

length: 3.9 m
height: 1.8 m
width: 1.8 m
engine: 1.4 Liter inline four diesel
speed: 60 kph (max.)
empty weight: 1.7 tonne
payload: 1.1 tonne (max.)
crew: 6 including driver

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