Thursday, August 18, 2005

Peace Mission 2005 Orbat:

Neither Chinese nor Russian release their Order-of-battle of the exercise, here is an incomplete list of the PLA unit that will take part.


PLA 127th Mechanized Infantry Division
PLAN 1st Marine Brigade
PLA 1st Army Aviation Regiment
PLAAF 36th Bomber Division
PLAN 1st Destroyer Detachment, North Sea Fleet
PLAN 9th Destroyer Detachment, South Sea Fleet
PLAN 3rd Destroyer Detachment, East Sea Fleet
PLAN 6th Landing Ship Detachment, South Sea Fleet

Unconfirmed: PLAAF Su-30 Unit, PLAAF 15 Airborne Army Unit


Airborne Company, 76th airborne division
Special Operation Company, 55th Marine Division.
Two Tu-95MS Strategic Bombers
Four Tu-22M3 Long Range Bombers
10 plus Il-76 Transport
Su-27SM unit
Naval Unit

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