Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Chinese M4 Carbine Copy

Well, it did take long for the Chinese started to copy the American M4 design. I wonder if the Chinese going to pay royalty to Colt.......Of course NOT! When was the last time the Chinese arms industry give a crap about weapon design IP? If the price is right, maybe the US government will start buying the Chinese M4 copy for their Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani allies. The last one will make the Indian very jealous for sure.

--- Timothy Yan


Anonymous said...

Can't remember the west ever having paid royalties for the invention of money, banking, paper, compass, gunpowder, ...
Can't say I disagree with them, after all these centuries of western economical vampirism on china and other decelopping nations.
Our wealth = their sweath and their blood!

Unknown said...

The patent of the AR family line ran out a long time ago. Only the M4 name is protected (Copyrighted).