Monday, November 17, 2008

First batch of test pilots in PLA Air Force graduated

First batch of test pilots in PLA Air Force graduated 2008-11-11

  On November 10, Wei Hongwei and other seven test pilots completed their specialized training, and will soon leave to perform test flight missions for China's new generation of aircraft, which indicates that the PLA Air Force has basically built up a test pilot candidate selection mechanism and specialized training system with the Chinese characteristics.

  According to sources, this batch of test pilot cadets was selected from among outstanding young pilots with considerable flight experience. After receiving two years of training on aviation theory, test flight piloting skills and aviation English, they have successfully turned themselves into qualified test pilots, and will be awarded master's degree in aircraft design engineering by the Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU).

  In the past, most Chinese test pilots were selected directly from among outstanding pilots of aviation units of the PLA Air Force.

  In recent years, by drawing on advanced concept and useful practices from international test pilot trainings, the PLA Air Force has basically built up a lasting test pilot specialized training mechanism.

  The training missions are carried out jointly by the PLA Air Force and China Aviation Industry Corporation. During the training, Li Zhonghua and other top-notch Chinese test pilots are flight instructors while the NPU undertakes theoretical teaching on aviation theory, and the Aviation Medical Research Institute is responsible for aviation medical training.

  By Shang Xiaohua and Tan Jie

  (Nov 11, PLA Daily) Editor: Dong Zhaohui

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