Monday, April 02, 2012

Communist Propaganda of the day: PLA’s own temple.

This temple is dedicated to the fallen comrades of the 251st Regt, 84th Infantry Division, 28th Army. Well well, well, so much for Mao’s down with feudalism slogan. Old habits die hard I guess, 5000 years of imperial rule under different dynasties versus 100 years of Republican/Communist rule. Take your pick.


Ozsteve53 said...

Why is it Feudalism to dedicate this temple to fallen Chinese soldiers ? Would it be Feudalism if , say , a chapel in the USA was dedicated to the fallen of the 101st Airborne Division ? I don't think so .
STEVE in Australia

H Danny said...

It is odd for commie chinese soldiers.

It is interesting to me where it is located. Paracel Islands?