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Aircraft carrier needs three stages to achieve combat effectiveness

Aircraft carrier needs three stages to achieve combat effectiveness

(Source: People's Daily Online)   2012-10-18

  The delivery of an aircraft carrier is not the end of an aircraft carrier project, especially when the carrier-based aircraft are not delivered. It is just an important result of a stage in an aircraft carrier project because the supporting weapons and carrier-based aircraft systems need to be further tested. It still needs a longer period of time for the aircraft carrier to form a joint combat effectiveness together with the aircraft carrier battle group and submarine.

  Generally speaking, after the aircraft carrier is delivered, it needs three stages to form combat effectiveness and the ability of global deployment.

  First stage: Sea test after delivery

  According to sources, an aircraft carrier will first enter a sea test of 18 months (an aircraft carrier is developed for the first time) or 12 months (not the first time to make it) after delivery to ensure that both crew and equipment meet the requirements of performing combat deployment tasks, which include loading and unloading of goods and materials and equipment, residential checks, preparation period of going to sea, tests and trial voyages before being sent back and final contract trials.

  Second stage: Being sent back after delivery and tests

  The period of being sent back to shipyard after delivery, which normally lasts for several months, is a typical maintenance stage in the early phase of the whole life cycle, aiming to amend the problems in the final contract tests and troubles found and postponed to be solved in the check of trial voyages and upgrade the carrier-based system. The shipyard bearing the task after being sent back is similar to the shipyard of goods and materials and equipment because it is familiar with the aircraft carrier.

  Third stage: Combat deployment preparation and training period

  The training for preparedness against war is the responsibility of the fleet forces command where the aircraft carrier is in, including the tests of air defense operation system, anti-submarine warfare system, anti-ship combat system, combat warfare system and flying of carrier-based aircrafts group, as well as certificated examination to crew and their operation capacity.

  During the training period, the crew must accept comprehensive training to adapt to the aviation facilities of the aircraft carrier, such as the battle station exercises of dragging, rescuing and refueling and battle station operation exercises on duty. The training and examination of operating personnel on takeoff and landing of the carrier-based aircraft are also essential. Before the new aircraft carrier enters formal service, the specialized technician personnel must have a comprehensive flight deck inspection including the distributed architecture, rigidity, strength and conditions of taking off and landing.


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