Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wait a minute, those are QL550 4x4 Recon AFV under eval in Tibet!

The QL550 4x4 Recon AFV was officially revealed in 2006 targeting both export and domestic markets.  However, it has dropped off the radar with only limited examples tested by the PLA.   Fast forward to 2017, it is reported that the PLA is giving it another try, this time in Tibet (here) for high altitude operations.   Report in Chinese here:

The QL550 might have weak armor protection but it packs a heavy punch with its Type99 30mm gun + HJ73 turret.   With a V6 water-cooled diesel engine, it can reach a maximum speed 130 km/h.  It has a crew of four and weighting in around a ton and half.  Furthermore,  it has a data bus that can keep track all systems on-board.

The latest photo released by PLA's Army website

Here are some older QL550 pics

 Note the cage armor

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