Monday, June 04, 2018

Photos of the day: Dalian shipyard June 2018

Photo credit goes to Longshi

Visible here are 4xType052D DDG and 2x055DDG (NATO Renhai-class cruisers).  When all of them are commissioned, the PLAN will have 17xType052D and 6xType055 in service.  Both classes are being constructed two yards, Shanghai and Dalian

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Photos of the day: Dalian shipyard 2006 vs 2016

Note the second-hand, Ukrainian Riga class floating casino in the background.  Not sure what will they do with that rusty bucket.  I am telling you, Chong Lot Travel Agency's US$20 million investment is a complete waste -- as of 2016, not a single slot machine is found there generating gambling income.

 2006, DDG115 Shenyang under construction

Aug 2016

2x Type 051C (DDG115 and DDG116)

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