Saturday, April 11, 2009

PLAAF 30th Independent (ECM) Regiment

Y-8 serial number 21101 "High New 7", entered service with PLAAF 30th Independent (ECM) Regiment recently indicating the regiment is enhancing its profiles to include other EW related missions. High Noon 7 is designed jam enemy’s communication in both military and civilian spectrum in time of war.

The 30th ECM Regiment was founded in 1957 with local modified H-5 bombers in ECM roles and cited as "1st class military unit" after 50 years of safe flying (Here). It is based near Shanghai and in service around the Yellow Sea area.

Y8GX1 (High New 1):21011, 21012, 21013
Y8GX4 (High New 4):21012, 21015, 21016
Y8GX7 (High New 7):21011, 21107
Y8C :21018, 21019

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