Thursday, April 09, 2009

So, this is what a land based HQ-16A looks like.

Out of the blue, photos of HQ-16 SAM are popping up all over the place, they must be preparing for the Oct 1st National Day Parade.

The HQ-16 SAM project is a joint Sino-Russia development based on the Buk-M1 system started in 2005 to address the PLA’s low-to-medium air defense needs. It is generally referred as a "General Purpose, Third Generation, Low-Mid Attitude, Guided Missile system" in China with a possible code name of Project 0910. The product version, HQ-16A, has a set of improved radars compare to its Russian counter part, an all digital electronic fire control system with a semi-active radar-homing seeker.

The first HQ-16 entered service on January 29th 2008 when the first Type 054A II-class Frigate Xuzhou was commissioned. In naval service, it has a 1x32-cell VLS configuration and guided by a set of four Russian based MR090 Front Dome SAM Fire control radar operating at C/X-band

HQ-17 SAM project is believed to be an improved version of the HQ-16; with an extended missile range of 90 km (the Russian Buk-M1B has a range of 35km).

As a side note, HuangShan, a Type 054A FFG is currently deployed to Gulf of Aden to fight pirates, if the Somali pirates have an air force, the HQ-16 might have a chance to see actions…..

Our friend Planeman's impression:

Photos of HQ-16's chief project manager Wang Zhen (on the right) and her deputy Ge Wenrui. Winners of the 10 outstanding persons of Shanghai

And from today's CCTV report on an AD brigade from Nanjing MR


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