Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Read between the line: look mom, there is nuke stored in Nanjing.

China's Military

Nuclear radiation monitoring sensor network system developed 2009-02-17

  In the passenger transport during the Spring Festival, the Chinese Lunar New Year, 2009, "the nuclear radiation monitoring wireless sensor network system" developed by a chemical defense technical group of the Nanjing Military Area Command implemented real-time automatic nuclear radiation monitoring in large public places of the city of Nanjing, offering reliable technical support to the safety of people's life.

  It's said that the system which applied multiple technologies including wireless network, radiation measurement, satellite positioning and software design, can form network automatically and automatically monitor and alarm with real time. It is in the lead among international fellow technologies.

  The system can take 65,000 radiation sensor nodes and the operational area of it has expanded to 200 k㎡. With automatic real-time monitoring and remote monitoring control, it can precisely position and accurately measure the radiation source without entering the radiation field.

  The system has a multiple of functions. It can meet the needs of monitoring manifold objects and various point positions. It is applicable to the monitoring of the level of radioactive contamination of key objects in wartime. It can also be used to carry out such missions as the emergent rescue of nuclear accidents, security and guard for key events, nuclear terrorist attack prevention and the handling of emergent radiation incidents in peace time.

  By Wang Zhizhong and Hu Wei

  (Feb 17, PLA Daily) Editor: Zhu Aihong

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