Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the hack is this "naval regiment"? Reading from the article, it does not seems to be a new unit of the PLA Marine and relatively new, do you think it is to be stationed on broad of the newly commissioned LHD?

Naval regiment carries out force-on-force exercise with Army unit

english.chinamil.com.cn 2009-02-10

  A regiment of the South China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy maneuvered to complicated hinterland areas to carry out force-on-force exercise with an Army unit as soon as the Spring Festival was over. The Army unit acts as the blue army and the naval regiment acts as the red army.

  As the naval regiment was formed not long ago, it lacks experience of actual-troop confrontation in previous trainings, especially the experience of tactic confrontation exercise with simulated strong "enemy" in complicated electromagnetic environment. Since last year, to tackle such factors not good for actual-troop exercise including narrow area, familiar opponents and single-modal electromagnetic environment, the regiment has established collaborative mechanism for tactic training with brother troops of various arms and carried out tactical confrontation exercise frequently. It also organized exchanges on test and argumentation of new equipment and new fighting methods to realize resources sharing.

  In the exercise, after receiving an order of cutting off all radio communication links with the outside of the blue army in 24 hours, the command station of the naval regiment immediately deployed 3 standby groups to rush to the position.

  In less than 3 hours, all combat groups have come to the designated positions. The scout and searching result showed that the "enemy" was making contact with 10 external targets at the same time. The command station then issued an order of interference, several interference vehicles then launched strong "electro-magnetic wave" and the communication network of the "enemy" paralyzed in a sudden. Shortly, the "enemy" attempted to change frequency and communication mode, but the red army then made a decisive and orderly interference. After more than 10 hours' of fierce combat, the communication system of the "enemy" was destroyed compeletely.

  By Zhang Shengzhong and Zhou Yawen

  (Feb 9, PLA Daily) Editor: Fan Aifeng

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