Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Say No To White Rabbit

Due to pubic outcry over the ugly "white rabbit" paint scheme (here) , the PLAAF "August First" flight demonstration team recently released four new sample color schemes for people to choose from. Cast your vote here http://mil.news.sina.com.cn/nz/j10tuzhuang/index.shtml

Remember, vote early and vote often


ming said...

holy mother, democracy in action

Venu said...

3 and 4 are good. 4th one looks much better though.

Michael said...

I'd go C. Ming you do realize China isn't really pure communism do you?

Mike said...

lol @ Ming. China votes a lot u know =) All those reality shows are really good at teaching democracy ;P vote for whoever's hot and popular *cough*Obama*cough*

ming said...

it was sarcasm guys i visit there all the time relax. though typing limits the range of emotions that are expressible

ming said...

also i voted for option 3

Stephen said...

My own nicknames for the four schemes:
A--Sharky's Machine
B--Angel Bolt
C--Dark Star