Saturday, February 07, 2015

Artillery Brigade, 16th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region joins the "Winter Training 2015" fray.

For PLA,  an Assault Gun such as the PTZ 89 is utilized in infantry fire support as well as in the defensive anti-tank role,  therefore it is issued to a PLA artillery element with a basic TOE of six guns to a battery.  As for the Artillery Brigade of the 16th GA, it's PTZ89 Abteilung consisted of three batteries of six guns each, totaling 18 tubes.


H Danny said...

It is surprising to see PLA marines were more interested in repainting their vehicles in winter camo. GA16 has winter camo for soldiers but didn't bother with equipments.

Coatepeque said...

The type 59D MBT is organic to the 16th GA, not the Marine and they have winter camo. It is not uniformed.