Thursday, May 12, 2016

PLA Marine to carry out a three-month long exercise near South China Sea.

Amphibious armored vehicles carrying marines drive out of the stern gate of an amphibious transport dock ship in a float-crossing training on May 10, 2016. A brigade with the Marine Corps of the PLA Navy started its three-month realistic maritime training exercise in an undisclosed sea area off the western coast of South China's Guangdong Province in early May. ( Keshuang)


booboohiggy said...

Commies in blue camo. USMC would crush them.

Coatepeque said...

blue smurf

Unknown said...

I will use the blue uniform as benchmark for the current PLA reform efforts, as ling as the blue smurf stays, the reform did not hit the mark. As far as low hanging fruit goes, this probably is the lowest one, that and the sing song corps.