Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chinese Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Gen 2.

According to the Chinese Internet (TM), the second generation of Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) is now under evaluation.(Chinese BMD-4??)

The most noticeable update is the ZBD97 style 100mm rifled gun mount.  However, in order to reduce weight, the secondary 30mm auto-cannon is reduced to a 7.62mm coaxial.  The chassis is lengthen by an additional roadwheel to accommodate this new mount.  This new Airborne IFV is heavier than the first generation of ZBD03. With additional Y-9 and Y-20 air-lifters entering PLAAF service, they can now afford to push firepower and armor protection further.

China's first Generation AIFV, the ZBD03, with its 30mm auto-cannon and 7.62mm coaxial mount

Standard 100mm rifled/30mm auto-cannon mount on a ZBD04A 

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