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PLA Orbat reform update (Jun 2017)

The "Great PLA Orbat Reform" of the 2017 is still on-going, here is what we know thus far.   Please note that some units are being merged together in a two-to-one fashion, others are shifted to a different Group Army HQ altogether.

Credit goes to Andrew KC.

Old New

115th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 39th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region115th Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第115旅), 78th Group Army, Northern Theater Command
200th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 26th Group Army, Jinan Military Region200th Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第200旅), 79th Group Army. Central Theater Command
3rd Armored Brigade, 39th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region
202nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 39th Group Army, Shangyang Military Region
(a two-to-one merger)
202nd Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第202旅), 78th Group Army, Northern Theater Command
203rd Infantry Brigade, 39th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region203rd Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第203旅), 80th Group Army, Northern Theater Command
4th Armored Brigade, 16th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region
204th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 16th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region
(a two-to-one merger)
204th Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第204旅), 78th GA, Northern Theater Command
115th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 39th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region115th Combined-Arms Brigade (合成第115旅), 78th Group Army, Northern Theater Command
7th Artillery Brigade, 39th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region79th Artillery Brigade (炮兵第79旅), 79th Group Army, Theater Command
18th Armored Brigade, 14th Group Army, Chengdu Military Region18th Combined Arms Brigade (合成第18旅), 75th Group Army, Southern Theater Command
SpOp Brigade, 16th Group Army, Shanyang Military Region 78th Special Combat Brigade (特种作战第78旅), 78th Group Army, Northern Theater Command
34th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 12th Group Army, Nanjing Military Region 34th Combined Arms Brigade (合成第34旅), 72nd Group Army, Eastern Theater Command
3rd Motorized Infantry Brigade, 1st Group Army, Nanjing Military Region3rd Combined Arms Brigade (合成第3旅), 73rd Group Army, Eastern Theater Command
112th Mechanized Infantry Division, 38th Group Army, Beijing Military Region112th Mechanized Infantry Division, a strategic unit organic to Central Theater Command
116th Mechanized Infantry Division, 39th Group Army, Shangyang Military Region116th Mechanized Infantry Division, a strategic unit organic to Northern Theater Command

Thursday, May 18, 2017

PLA's new Group Army Orbat

Thanks Forbin for putting this together for us.

Theater Command
Old DesignationNew Designation

Eastern TC
12th Group Army71st Group Army

1st Group Army72nd Group Army

31st Group Army73rd Group Army

Southern TC
41st Group Army74th Group Army

42nd Group Army75th Group Army

14th Group ArmyDecommissioned

Western TC
21st Group Army76th Group Army

13rd Group Army77th Group Army

47th Group ArmyDecommissioned

Northern TC
16th Group Army78th Group Army

39th Group Army79th Group Army

26th Group Army80th Group Army

40th Group ArmyDecommissioned

Central TC
65th Group Army81st Group Army

38th Group Army82nd Group Army

54th Group Army83rd Group Army

20th Group ArmyDecommissioned

27th Group ArmyDecommissioned

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Group Army is dead, long live the Group Army!

The PLA reform takes another giant step this week -- the surviving Group Armies will be re-organized into 13 larger and more powerful outfits, their number would range from 71st to 83rd (Here).  Yup, the lineage of all those well-known GAs, such as the 42nd, 38th, 39th, 1st, and 13th, are now at an end, not with a bang but a whimper

China to regroup PLA Army

    Zhang Tao

BEIJING, April 27 (Xinhua) -- The Central Military Commission has decided to reorganize the Army of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said Thursday.

Yang said that 13 army groups will be formed from the previous 18.

The move is a crucial step to build a strong and modernized new-type army and is important to shifting the focus of the PLA from quantity to quality and efficiency, he said.

In response to a question on reform of military academies and research institutions, Yang said that the reform aims to adapt to the new command system and military structure, as well as to provide talent and theoretical and technological support to the building of a first-class military force.

The reform is now underway, he added.

PLA group armies to get greater role
SourceGlobal Times
EditorYao JianingT

Air force, navy, Rocket Forces to be included in group armies: expert

A largely overlooked official report has uncovered the latest changes in China's group armies, which suggests the groups will consist of different corps in the future, experts said.

The 76th Group Army is the newest designation of China's group armies made public after China announced a military reshuffle with 84 newly adjusted or established corps-level units, news site reported.

A notice released by the government of Gaotai county, Northwest China's Gansu Province on April 18 said Wang Kai, vice chief-of-staff of the Western Theater Command of People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Cao Junzhang, the vice commander of PLA's 76th Group Army, visited a local Red Army museum.

Both Wang and Cao are from the 13th Group army which used to be part of the former Chengdu Military Region, reported.

"The change in designation is significant. In the past, armies only included the PLA army, but in the future, the air force, navy and Rocket Forces will also be included in the group armies and given a new designation," Song Zhongping, a military expert who served in the Second Artillery Corps (now known as the PLA Rocket Force), told the Global Times on Monday.

The previous designation, which only belonged to the army, is not suitable for the new group army, and the new group armies will be considered a big unit command during war, Song said.

This will fundamentally change the structure of China's military, according to Song.

The group armies are the main part of the PLA, and its structure, duty and combat capabilities will be changed significantly after this reform, but the reform takes time, and the change in designation is just the first step, Song elaborated.

The reform is not limited to the PLA Army. An anonymous PLA Navy officer told the Global Times that the 1st Group Army's 1st Division will be commissioned in the PLA Navy's Marine Corps, and this division will be in charge of offensives after Marine landing operations.

The Global Times has received no official confirmation of this information.

Friday, March 31, 2017

40th Group Army, decommissioned.

It has been confirmed that the HQ of the 40th Group Army (GA) is now history. Its organic units with high readiness rate and newer TOE will likely be merged with neighboring GAs.  Such as the 118th Combined Arms 8x8 Light Mechanized Infantry Brigade will likely to be part of the 39th GA moving forward.. Others units such as 119th and 191st Motorized Infantry Brigades with their older TOE will will probably be disbanded all together.

According to South China Morning Post,  the 14th, 16th, 20th, 47th, and 27th HQs will be decommissioned next.

Thanks Andrew KC and  Forbin for the confirmation.

Graphic credit goes to South China Morning Post


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