Thursday, July 20, 2017

Professional PLA research paper of the day: Chinese Military Diplomacy, 2003–2016: Trends and Implications

Chinese Military Diplomacy, 2003–2016: Trends and Implications

By Kenneth Allen, Phillip C. Saunders, and John Chen 

Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs
Institute for National Strategic Studies
National Defense University

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China is placing increasing emphasis on military diplomacy to advance its foreign policy objectives and shape its security environment.
  • Military diplomacy is part of broader Chinese foreign policy efforts to create a favorable international image, develop soft power, and shape international discourse. Other objectives include shaping China’s security environment, collecting intelligence, and learning from advanced militaries. 
  • The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) seeks to forward strategic and operational goals through a variety of interactions with foreign military partners, including senior-level visits, security dialogues, nontraditional security cooperation, military exercises, functional exchanges, and port calls. 
  • Chinese security cooperation also includes arms sales (conducted by state-owned arms manufacturers), internal security assistance (provided by the Ministry of State Security and Ministry of Public Security), and advice on Internet censorship and control. 

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