Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New 122mm SPH

From today’s PLA daily, a report of a new type of SP-122mm Howitzer in service of an Artillery Battalion, of armor regiment of 31st Group Army, Nanjing MR.

The chassis of this new SP Howitzer is shared by PLA’s latest ZBD97 IFV found in some of the frontline elite units, and this could be seem as a step in the long delayed attempt to standardized chassis and other equipments to reduce the much talked about logistic nightmares PLA quartermasters are having.
While this new system still sports the same Type96 122mm Howitzer based on the proven D30 design. However, with a greater mobility and an improved fire control system, this new system should be able to deliver much greater firepower than the older Type 89 first displayed during the 1989 parade.

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Anonymous said...

It should be 1999 parade. There was no parade in 1989