Friday, July 25, 2008

New Outline of Military Training and Evaluation promulgated 2008-07-25

  Upon the approval of the General Staff Headquarters of the PLA, the newly revised Outline of Military Training and Evaluation was formally promulgated and issued to the PLA and the Armed Police Force recently. The new outline will come into effect in the PLA and the Armed Police Force from January 1, 2009.

  The new outline is made up of two major aspects, namely joint training and trainings by various services and arms, and covers all the specialties of various services and arms. With enhancing joint operation capability of the troops as the focus, the outline lays out such training contents as: training at operational level of various services, combined tactics, element training, and tactical and technical training.

  The new outline has also developed the training of military operation other than war (MOOTW), increased the proportion of informationization knowledge and expertise as well as simulated training of hi-tech weapons and equipment such as aircraft, naval vessels and missiles, standardized the methods, procedures and criterions of networked, on-base and confrontational trainings, defined conditions, forms, methods and requirements for training under complicated electromagnetic environment, training at night, and training under complicated weather condition as well as training for psychological bearing capacity, established an capability-centered training standard and appraisal system, explained in detail and raised the standard for basic trainings, expanded the scope of four-tier examination and appraisal system, added hundred-point grade appraisal items, defined management and regulation modes, stipulated duties and functions of training organizations at various levels, and defined the limit of authority to revise the outline.

  Liu Feng'an

  (July 25, PLA Daily) Editor:Dong Zhaohui

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