Friday, August 22, 2008

Confirmed: Airforce liaison assigned to battalion battlegroup.

Mechanized division intensifies joint command in tactical exercise 2008-08-22

  A mechanized division of the Beijing Military Area Command added a seat for the air force unit in its command post in a tactical exercise. This is a new change brought about in this division in the trial training of the new Outline of Military Training and Evaluation.

  In the field command center of this division, the reporters saw that seats for the air force unit commanders in the command room and firepower coordinating room had been prepared. When the exercise came to live-fire exercise stage, commanders of the air force units would be there to organize combat and direct the operation together with army division and regiment commanders.

  To add a seat for air force unit commander in tactical exercise of the army division and put him in charge of directing and controlling air combat group can help achieve precision coordination between the combat group in the air and combat group on the ground, and make the commanding relationship between the army and the air force units smoother. Deputy Division Commander Huang Yuejin told the reporters that in line with the demand of battles under informationization condition, the new outline has focused on the joint operation and joint training. In order to ensure optimum operational effect of the army-air joint command and joint operation, the division also prepared a seat for an air force guidance personnel in the army regiment assigned to launch main attack.

  With the availability of seats at the joint command post, the commander of the air force unit is able to directly command combat force in the air in light of the changing combat situations on the battleground. At the critical operational phase or during the execution of special combat missions, commanders of the army units can also entrust the air force unit commanders to command army's ground attack groups in joint operation.

  By Ma Shifu and Tan Zhaoping

  (Aug 22, PLA Daily) Editor: Dong Zhaohui

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