Thursday, August 21, 2008

Venezuelan Air Force to use Chinese-made radar in military exercises with Brazil

Every two years, the air forces of Brazil and Venezuela conduct the military operation "Venbra V," in the border areas of Santa Elena de Uairén and Boa Vista.

In the joint military exercise, which ends on Friday, troops from both countries use air surveillance and monitoring equipments deployed in southern Venezuela and northern Brazil in order to perform the tasks of detection, identification, interception and transfer of simulated illegal flights. In addition, military exercises allow the training of both forces in air operations and cooperative security in an area of common interest for both countries.

On this occasion, the Air Defense Command of the Venezuelan Armed Forces will use for the first time the JYL-1 radar, bought from China, with a detection range of 240 miles.

Venezuela will deploy in Venbra V operation, several OV-10 Bronco and AT 27 aircrafts as interceptors, and Cessna 208 Caravan and T206H aircrafts as simulators or targets.

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