Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chinese Civilian Survey Ships

Just in case you want to know; here are some examples of the Chinese civilian survey ships for conducting "routine operations in international waters"

Hydrographic ship 852

WuanWang 1 to 6 (Look at all those dishes, clearly, they prefer Dish Network over Comcast, why not? they offer more HD channels!)

DongDaio 851 with three radar missile tracking radomes.

USNS Impeccable's better looking twin; Beidiao 991. According to rumor, it has an all "electric drive" to reduce noise level.

226, one of the five Dong Ce class AGI (Dong Ce means East Survey) 227, 420, 427 and 943

Dadie class (900 and 841)


Fishing boats that are organic to PLAN's South Sea Fleet HQ at Zhangjiang. Poor PLAN sailors, they have to catch their lunch, I think they should write a letter to CMC and complain against their lack of diet.

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