Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chinese UFO sighting increases, turned out to be J-13 fighter.
By Staff reporters
April 1, 2009

Amid increasing UFO reports in China, PLAAF officials came forward and revealed the UFO reports were all involving PLAAF's newest fighter, J-13.

With only one official picture revealed of J-13, you can tell why normal people would have thought it's a UFO.

"No matter which direction you look at J-13, it looks like a flying saucer," PLAAF Lt. Col. General Yu Lien said. A first in the world, J-13 was designed as both aerospace and space fighter, which mean it can takeoff from a airbase and able to reach Earth orbit without any rockets. And with other payload modifications, J-13 can reach the Moon within a day.

It took PLAAF 20 years to start the R&D and production of the J-13 fighter, which was built by Chengdu aerospace corp..

US and Western world respond to unveiling of J-13 was totally shock and speechless, no comments was able to obtain from any western nations.

In related news, PLAAF threaten not to buy more AL-31FN engines from Russia for J-10, and hint might switch to US suppliers.


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