Monday, March 16, 2009


The long waited J-10B finally surfaced today and if the following photos are indeed real, we can check off what is being claimed against we can tell:

New features claimed:

*. Redesigned Diverterless Supersonic Inlet or DSI intake. Check

*. IRST/LR. Check
*. Wide-angle Holograhpic HUD, similar to the one installed on the J-11B. Check.
*. Enlarged vertical tail session for an enlarged EW suite. Check
*. A new RWR. Check.
*. Redesigned F-16 style nose to support either a PESA or AESA radar. PESA…. maybe, ASEA …..questionable.

*. More Hard points for A2G / SEAD missions. Too early to tell.
*. Wingtip AAM mounts. Unlikely
*. Mimi-AWAC twin-seater J-10S, Total BS
*. WS-10A engine with 2D thrust vectoring engine. Not in this prototype and WS-10A is still inferior to AL-31FN in every aspect.


Anonymous said...

The Front part have been reviewed apparently , at first glance i can say 50% change.
But the Diameter of the nose seems to be much smaller.

Coatepeque said...

what is your take on the reduced size?