Monday, July 13, 2009

Peace Mission 2009 -- PLA Weapons

Looking at the weapons list the PLA is bringing to this exercise, I so want to play Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999 again.

Such display of heavy armor seems somewhat out of place in light of China's current security requirement. To the East is the mountainous terrain of Korea, jungles to the South and yet more mountains to the West and there is an island somewhere. The only tank-suitable terrain is Russia. Oh yeah, I got it, they want to invade Russia with help from the Russians!

Type 89 (YW531) (ZSD89) Command APC

Type86B (WZ501) (ZBD86) IFV

Type 99A (WZ123) (ZTZ99) MBT

PTL02 6x6 Wheeled Self-Propelled 100mm Assaulter

Type 89 (PLZ89) ((WZ/WMZ322) 122mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

WZ-9 Attack Helicopter

WZ-9 Light Attack/Scot Helicopter

Mi-171 Transport Helicopter


Anonymous said...

Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999 is rather out of date nowadays. Try the latest version of Steel Panthers - WinSPMBT - which covers the modern PLA. It is available as a free download at Shrapnel Games.

Anonymous said...

Found it..... But it is based on Steel Panther I/II rather than 3.