Tuesday, February 09, 2010

C is for Communist-Capitalist China

The end of the Pearl River Optoelectronic Group 珠江光电集团 (State Arsenal 338)

The State-owned Pearl River Optoelectronic Group in Chengdu declared bankruptcy after the PLA switched its Type 88 (QBU 88) marksman rifle from the standard 3-9x40mm scope to the improved 6-24x44mm scope from a private company in Guangzhou China. The building has been torn down to make way for a new high-end residential/commercial complex at the heart of downtown Chongqing.

The Pearl River Optoelectronic pensioners protested outside the factory gates for 3 months in an attempt to secure benefits to no avail. Welcome to Communist China, Capitalism isn't always fair.

Protesters at the Gate

The old 3-9x40mm scope

The new 6-24x44mm scope

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