Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chinese MP5 Clone by Norinco

One would wonder why the Chinese bothered to copy this overly complicated, over-priced and overrated status symbol of an old subgun design? when they already have couple of contemporary PDW designs of their own.

Of course, Norinco is doing it for the money! This sells for $1800-$2000, which translated to a lot of Renminbi.

....Norinco NR08 is now available for all your Tier-3 operators, 3rd World SWAT and submersible door gunners. The Shamwow guy approved this message and "There's a sucker born every minute."

- Timothy Yan


Jimmy said...

that's funny, because their ally, the Pakistan Ordnance Factory, also makes MP-5 clones. China will be directly competing in the MP-5 refurbishment market w/ its ally.

Steven said...

Norinco can make MP5 clone that nobody but tin pot dictators would want but they can't make C96 or SVT-40 clones for us in the Canadian civilian market? I feel left out...

Camokenny said...

I still recall once a day I participated a hunting game, my friend treated me with M-16 with COLT and NORICO ammo, that really feel difference, COLT ammo is very sharp and sensitive, NORICO ammo are less and with a strong smell.

Any one want to research PLA patches?

Steven said...

Camokenny... Colt does not manufacture ammunition, they only build firearms.

Camokenny said...

Dear Steven,
I think I was wrong, but I want to say is SS109 5.56mm ammunition.
Thank you for comments