Sunday, September 09, 2012

Desert camo for China Air Force’s Su-30s.

It is noted in a September 6th “Blue” vs. “Red” air-to-air confrontational tactical maneuver exercise over Guangzhou, that the bad guy is now sporting a new “desert camo” paint scheme. I can’t confirm what their mock adversary in “desert camo” is meant to be; perhaps this photo of a USAF F-15 of Weapons Academy is just a coincident.

Here are rest of the photos from that confrontational exercise 



Saturday, January 15, 2011

More "bad guys"

Judging from this publicly released photo of a J-10S sporting a serial number of 60x8x, it seems that PLAAF's 1st "Blue Army" Regiment, Flight Test & Training Center, is increasing in size to take on more twin-seaters for its training curriculum.

As the PLAAF takes on more modern fighters into its orbat, it is logistical to assume its training infrastructure would increase in due course.

Previous entry  on the "Bad Guys" of the PLAAF.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Bad guy" Su-30MKK of the PLAAF 8th Flight Academy (61x8x).

The 8th PLAAF Flight Academy is home to the SU-30MKK fighter-bomber "Blue-Army Aggressor Squadron." It is trained to act as the "bad guy" in war-games by simulating the US F-15E or other SU-30 equipped Asian air forces.

There are a total of three Blue-Army Aggressor squadrons under the PLAAF orbat; the other two are equipped with J-10A (60x8x) and J-7E (15xxx) to simulate lighter, single engine, opponents. These squadrons operate under the PLAAF Flight Test & Training Base (FT&TB) at Cangzhou Airbase in Hebei.

The first PLAAF aggressor squadron was commissioned in June 1987 (here) and was modeled after the US "Top Gun" and "Red Flag" schools. It has been serving as a grindstone for sharpening pilot combat skills ever since. Yup, they are putting their skills acquired from the Moscow Pilot School to good use. (here)

Su-30MKK (61x8x) Aggressor Squadron

Which one is Goose?

J-10A (60x8x) Aggressor Squadron

J-7E (15xxx) Aggressor Squadron

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Stephen said...

The F-15 Eagle shown is in "Aggressor" camo too...but it should be remarked that the Japanese have some of their Eagles in those same colors.