Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ship pennant number 16

After spending only three days at sea for its 10th sea trial, the China navy aircraft carrier platform "ex-Varyag" returns to the dock in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province to be sported with the new ship pennant of number "16".

Come to think about it, it is no mere coincidence that the Chinese naval planners would assign their first aircraft carrier platform with the come-of-age pennant of "16".    They are to honor their high school idols John Hughes and Molly Ringwald of the Sixteen Candles fame, after all, "ex-Varyag" is their come-of-age story.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Global Liberation Army - Navy

Recently some of the China Navy's latest vessels, including their newly commissioned 052C Luyang II class DDG 152, are sporting a USN like “white pennant” and this does not sit well with some Chinese “forumers”.  They want to see a “China Navy with Chinese Characteristics” (bad English grammar included)  not a USN a.k.a “Global Liberation Army – Navy” wanna be.

My apologies to those who does get the GLA reference.   

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Putting their Photoshop skills to good use.

Folks at the Chinese military forums are having issues with the new PLA infantry gear -- they look too GLA (Global Liberation Army) like. In protest, they put their Photoshop skills to good use. In their view, if they are looking like the GLA, they might start acting like the GLA i.e. leaving their old non-intervention stand behind.  A change that is not welcomed.

Here is the PS-ed US DOD style photo.  I have to admit, the "price of freedom" slogan is a nice torch.
The original photo

What's the 'GLA' doing with its 'dumplings'? Find out online
Source: Global Times
By Xu Tianran

A newbie entering an online military forum may be baffled by jargon including references to the "GLA" launching warships like "dumplings into boiling water."

But seasoned browsers know that GLA stands for "Global Liberation Army," a sarcastic nickname for the US military, while the dumplings refer to its mass production of naval vessels.

Initially invented as a precaution against the leaking of military secrets, such slang terms are now being popularized by military enthusiasts, Pei Shen, a senior editor at the military channel of the website, said.


anno said...

Makes you wonder what 01-15 is reserved for.

DIDO said...

Can you help identifying this system

DIDO said...

Can you help me identifying this system

Coatepeque said...

Sure, I think others already pointed out, it is LY80 SAM

DIDO said...

thank you, it has been exported to Algeria

Stephen said...

I got a name
And I got a number
I got a lot on you...