Sunday, February 09, 2014

Goodbye 26th Fast Attack Flotillas, hello Guangzhou Naval District



1 月21日上午,区委常委、政法委书记马红安,代表区委、区政府出席海军快艇26支队改编海军广州水警区命名大会。部队改编不是简单的名称变化,而是部队建 设中的一件大事,正如该部首任司令员石志坤大校所讲,海军快艇26支队已成历史,广州水警区已经起航。(海珠区民政局 邓长来)

Continuing the pattern of converting Fast Attack Flotillas (FAF) into Naval Districts that shifts emphasis from combat operations to patrol duties, the PLAN 26th FAF is now the Guangzhou Naval District. The two other recent conversions are the 1st FAF into the Qingdao Naval District and the 21st FAF into the Ningde Naval District.
To quote maggern:

Interesting! Apparently, the PLAN is moving very clearly towards a blue water fleet. First they cut the chain on the fleets from the support bases (which were territorial units), and now they're polarizing the flotillas turning coastal support flotillas (minesweepers, missile boats) into pure territorial units. Remaining flotillas will then be free to develop into true ocean-going units.

ORBAT of the 26th documented by franco-russe

26th Fast Attack Flotilla (Unit 92962) Shangchuandao

- 10 Minesweeper Squadron (Unit 91760) Taishan: 6 Type 081 839-844, 6 Type 082A 822-827

- 32 Missile Boat Squadron (Unit 92376) Shangchuandao: 12 Type 022 2308-231

- Patrol Boat Squadron (Unit 92035) Shangchuandao: 13 Type 062C 1301-1313

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