Sunday, November 04, 2018

Airborne's new toy

The Chinese Airborne Corps is using this year's Zhuhai Airshow to show off three of its in-service IFVs (if you can call those thin-skinned vehicle that)

Sino-BMD-4:  Noted the 100mm low-pressure gun together with a 30mm coaxial auto-cannon and 7.62 coaxial mg, almost identical to a standard Bakhcha-U turret.  The 2x3 smoke grenade discharges are missing but I am sure they can be retrofitted.

Next up:  Replace the Bakhcha-U turret with a 120mm Gun-Mortar found on a PPZ10.  And, you have instant in-direct fire support rolling off a Y-20

Updated  QL550 4x4 Recon AFV already in army service.


ferdhi.adrian10 said...

No article about J-10 with thrust vector engine?

H Danny said...

The ifv is likely a mod of ZBD04, minus the water jets. Same number of wheels, same position of driver seat, same location of shooting ports. The 120 mm has the same classis of ZBD03

Coatepeque said...

sorry guys been on the road and not able to post much as of late