Sunday, November 25, 2018

Wishful thinking or the little engine that could?

The Lynx 8x8 all-terrain (87 hp diesel) has been in PLA service since 2010 and has long been associated with PLA's heliborne assault doctrine development from the get-go.   The Lynx is also widely reported in service in rough terrains such as Xinjiang, Tibet and near the Sion-Vietnam boarder.

CCTV capture from 2010 and photo from 2011

Now it is being aggressively marketed - judging by recent Zhuhai Airshow - as an entire light family of assault and heliborne solutions ranging from transport, indirect and direct fire support, to air defense

 107mm MRL
 Light Trans

 120mm Mortar-Howitzer
  120mm Mortar-Howitzer
  120mm Mortar-Howitzer
 120mm Mortar
 107mm MRL
 82mm rapid mortar
 23mm Autocannon + MANPAD
 Gatling gun + 2x2 MANPAD

Sunday, November 11, 2018

GIF of the day: VP16B Remote control 40mm fire support platfrom

Chassis is the standard "Lynx" all-terrain vehicle that has been in service with the PLA for over a decade.

The design is clearly geared toward rapid deployment. A design that can bring light, easy transportable, fire support to both the Marine and the Airborne units

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