Saturday, July 11, 2020

PR Photos Of The Day: Charge of the heavy armor.

Unit:  17th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, LX12, 76th Group Army  (LX = Land, West)

Impressive PR aside, noted that GCZ110 Combat Engineer Vehicle cleaning mine before the race.  GCZ110's back "square" likely to host mine clearing line charges as well.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

PLA orbat update: 17th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, 76th Group Army, Western Theater Command

The 17th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, formally the 13th Group Army Armor Brigade, Chengdu MR is in the process of receiving ZBD04A and ZTZ99, bringing it up to PLA's current heavy "standards".  This unit was sporting Type 59 MBT and Type86 BMP-1 clone as late as 2016.

Again, full credit goes to Andrew KC for this update.

 News from 2016


Olvana said...

Isn't this a new vehicle Counter Obstacle Vehicle and not the old GCZ110 Combat Engineer Vehicle? The GCZ110 Combat Engineer Vehicle just has a plow and a crane. The vehicle in the photos has a mine clearing blade and a 'MICLIC' like 'box' on top of the vehicle, like the GSL-130.

Olvana said...

The counter obstacle vehicle in the photos (top and third) is not a GCZ110 Combat Engineer Vehicle, but an new Counter Obstacle vehicle, right? This new vehicle has the GSL-130 Combat Engineer Vehicle 'box' on top (that holds the 'MICLIC-like line charge), but with a different mine plow with skid-shoe like the American ABV to control the depth.
So I am just asking if there is any more information on this vehicle?