Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Wall 218

For the first time, PLAN officially released their naming convention for its conventional-powered submarines during the current Naval Review; they are called the "Great Wall"

Photo of GreatWall 218, one of the PLAN submarines opened to senior naval officers from 29 nations. Photo released by Xinhua News

Great Wall (GW) 218 is a member of the 32nd conventional-powered submarine Zhidui or flotilla (Unit number 92858), South Sea Fleet. The 32nd is commanded by Sr Captin Ma Lixin headquartered at Dr Evil’s secret lair, aka Sanya, Hainan island. (Here for Sr Captain Ma's bio)

Sr Captain Ma

Each PLAN Submarine Zhidui is commanded by Sr Captain, equal to an army division commander. Each submarine Zhidui is divided into small number of Zhongdui, commanded by Lt Commander, equal to that of an army Battalion Leader. A Zhongdui also commands number of surface auxiliary support ships.

Name Number Type
GW213 313 039 (Song)
GW218 318 039
GW220 320 039
GW226 326 039
GW229 329 039
GW230 330 039

GW272 373 636M (Kilo)
GW273 373 636M
GW274 374 636M
GW275 375 636M

GW203 303 033 (Ming)
GW204 304 033

新华网青岛4月22日电 (记者李宣良、颜昊)前来青岛出席庆祝中国人民解放军成立60周年多国海军活动的各国海军代表团团长,22日上午应邀参观了中国海军的主力舰艇。各位海军高级军官对中国海军装备建设的成就和军事透明度普遍表示祝贺和赞赏。



snowhole said...

AFAIK, it's not the first time they officially released the 'great wall' naming convention. Some years ago a sub visited HK with a ladder of same pattern as in image, showing 'Great Wall xxx' on it.

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