Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hai Chi of the Imperial Qing Navy

June 20, 1911, the largest Chinese cruiser Hai Chi (海圻) took part in New York’s Shpithead Naval Review as Chinese's navy first ever world tour. The occasion also marked as the first Chinese naval visited to a US Port.

The Hai Chi was the largest warship of the Qing Imperial Navy; it had a displacement of 4300 tons, armed with two 8 inch guns and a speed of 24 knots.

Hai Chi flow the Imperial Qing Navy’s “Yellow Green Dragon” flag when she left, she switched to the Nationalist’s “Blue Sky with a White Sun” flag when she returned.

This proud ship met her sad end on Aug 12th, 1937 when she was scuttled in Yangtze river in an attempt to blockade the Japanese naval advance.

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心路足印 Footprints in thoughts said...

Thank you for your effort in translating and writing an English description on the navy ship Hai Chi. My mother's maternal grandfather Young Kai (楊楷) served on this ship and I am very glad that I could share this article with relatives who can read in English. I am translating a biography on Young Kai and so I am thankful for your translated information.